Friday, November 13, 2015

Nov RT Cubmaster Helps plus a bonus Arrow of Light Ceremony

In Cubmaster Session- someone asked about nominations for various Leader Awards-  The District Award of Merit  has an online nomination form-  

There is also an opportunity to nominate leaders for the silver Beaver Award- Here's a link to more information on that

Also a Bonus for you- a SUPER cool Arrow of Light Ceremony- specific to LDS packs- It talks about Captain Moroni, Lehi and other Book of Mormon heroes.  

Wolf and Bear Helps

This was shared in Webelos- but It will be helpful for Wolf/Bear dens as well! Posting it both places.

Webelos Adventure- Duty to God and you

November Roundtable newsletter

Here's the Newsletter from November's Roundtable
a printable copy of the Pack Meeting Planning sheet on the back of the newsletter. 

Here is some more info on Baden Powell University- click here to go register