Friday, June 12, 2015

Cubmaster helps for July and August's pack meetings

Here are some great helps from our Cubmaster breakout session.

Here's the Flag ceremony we used in the opening.  just print it out, and glue the parts on the back of the letter signs!

New Webelos program helps

The pins we talked about in Webelos breakout session in June were Cast Iron Chef, and Adventures in Science.

A few extra helps for Cast Iron Chef
Goals could include- ## of fruits and veggies, # of cups of water, Limit sweets

Extra Helps for Adventures in Science-  
Solar system Walk- Logan River trail- Great hike in addition to solar system!
Model of Solar System

Printable Mobile

Distance between plants- using yarn and pony beads

Safe Chemical Reactions:

Vinegar/Baking Soda
Lemon juice/Baking Soda
Mentos/diet Coke
Water/Alka Seltzer tablet Rockets- Film canisters

Printable Version of the requirements and extra helps!

June Roundtable Newsletter

Here are a few helps from our June Roundtable.  Thanks to everyone who came! You are great!
Heads up!!!!!
 Cub Scout district summertime pack activity- will be August 13th at north park park, it will begin at 5:30. The theme is Sports spectacular, it'll be so much fun for the boys! Anyone who can help with the summertime activity, let me know, they'd love some extra helpers!
August's Roundtable will be held right afterwards, under the Bowery, at 7:00 pm.

Don't forget!! 

 Here's some reminder info on Transitioning to the new program!