Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ceremony Creator

While searching for a fun ceremony for my pack- I found this great resource-  Cub Scout Ceremonies for Packs and Dens
This looks like a great blueprint for many ceremonies.
Choose one or more phrases from each area. Add your own personal words for each occasion.
1. Will the following __________________ please come forward. (Tiger Cubs, Cub Scouts, Webelos Scouts, special guests, leaders, families, dens, other:________________________)
2. Before you stands _________________. (A candle, a light, a Cub Scout handbook, Akela, a ladder, a neckerchief, a trail, your leader, a bucket, a tripod, a religious symbol, a bridge, a box, the pack, a branch, a picture, your parents, other: _____________)
3. This represents ___________________. (The spirit of Scouting, the pack, your future, our dedication, character, fun and adventure, our religious organization, your den, your advancement, fitness, the family, good deeds, your accomplishments, the world, our community, other: _____________)
4. You have earned this award by _________________. (Helping others, joining the pack, being the best ___________, doing your best, completing achievements, collecting ______________, helping boys grow, helping with _____________, serving as ______________, being a denner, selling the most_______________, serving for _______ years, other:__________________)
5. Please accept this award and continue to _____________________. (Do your best, give goodwill, help the pack go, come to meetings, follow Akela, help your boy, work hard, grow strong, follow the trail, other: _________________)
6. Will the pack please join me in congratulations for this award. (Lead an appropriate applause.)

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