Friday, December 12, 2014

Webelos Communicator & Scholar

Here's a few resources we discussed at Roundtable to make Webelos Communicator more fun!

Requirement #1- Play the Body Language game-   Here are some printable charades cards.
Requirement #5- Invent your own den secret code and send one of your den members a secret message. 
We made these fun Code Decoders
  Code Maker & Breaker craft
Requirement #6 Visit the newsroom of a newspaper or a radio or television station and find out how they receive information.  Visit the Local Newspaper-  They are AWESOME and take the boys picture and put it in the paper.  It's a great way to get out in the community, and they'll be so proud to see their picture in the paper!
Requirement #7- Write an article about a den activity for your pack newsletter or web site, your local newspaper, or your school newsletter, newspaper, or web site.   This is a simple page to help in their newspaper article.  We had the boys write about their trip to the newspaper, but they could write about anything, display them at pack meeting.  You could also make a poster size version of this with all the boys contributing, to hang at pack meeting.
Scholar Pin- A few ideas-
Earn the Chess Belt loop- We've seen the ideas for chess sets made out of nuts and bolts (which can get spendy, but might be a great gift, and also a great craftsman pin project)  Here's a simple cheap way to make a chess set out of a DVD box-   She then has printable chess pieces to go with it- 
Make a chart showing how your school system is run.-  Make a huge version of this - with each person (principal, superintendent etc.) on a piece of paper.  Or a chalk version outside on the sidewalk.
Also- we have a few other posts on Communicator/Scholar helps- 

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