Friday, February 13, 2015

Webelos Engineer links

Here's a few links and ideas to help with the Webelos Engineer and Scientist pins:

First, our DaVinci Bridge is a hit-

If you want to borrow my bridge (ok, my husband's bridge lol) call, or email me! or  my phone number is on the back of the newsletter
Measurements to make your own- 
4 short cross pieces- 22 inches long
8 long pieces- 29 inches with a notch cut about 1 inch from each end-

First off- some ideas that were posted here last year-- a video of how to build the bridge, and one using paint sticks-

a printable booklet-it has a FUN idea on pg 14 of a flashlight.  pg 17 shows pulleys using rope and sticks-

Catapult activity- 

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