Friday, January 15, 2016

Den Chiefs

Do you have a Den Chief?  If not- You NEED one!

Here's a Great Den Leader's Guide to Den Chiefs!

This short Guide is meant to give you a good idea of what Den Chiefs are and how they can help you in your role as Den Leader.
In this Guide, we will briefly discuss the following topics:
 The Role of the Den Chief
 Where Den Chiefs come from & how do they know what to do?
 Your responsibility to the Den Chief
 Your Den Chief’s responsibility to You & the Den
 What a Den Chief is NOT
 Communication with your Den Chief
 Using Den Chiefs at Pack Meetings
 Age and Maturity Level of Den Chiefs
 Den Chiefs Success Checklist

Click on the Picture to access the file!

Understanding Cub Scout Age Boys- 

To understand where we want them to go, we need to understand where they are. The Cub Scout years are a time of rapid development for young boys, falling between the total dependence of early childhood and the relative independence of early adolescence.
Cub Scout–age boys are becoming more competent, and they need to be able to demonstrate what they can do— whether it’s climbing fences, performing stunts on their bikes or skateboards, or taking dares.

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